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About Alignment Rescue

Hi, I'm Carol Robbins


I’ve been teaching movement to people since 2000, first as a Pilates teacher, now as a Nutritious Movement™Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES).

I’ve had some great teachers in that time including Pilates masters, anatomists, biochemists, neuroanatomists, kinesiologists and biomechanists.

My biggest influences are cats, horses and babies. Watching them I learn about proprioception, fearless, fluid and easy movement, skill development, problem solving, and natural movement.

One of my favourite books on teaching is “My Horses, My Teachers” (written by a director of the famous Spanish Riding School) and I believe that my students are my best teachers. I am guiding you to find the movements that were your birthright.

One of my favourite expressions in the studio is “you are wearing the Ruby Slippers, you’ve always been able to go home” – but just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it takes a journey to discover that you’ve always had the power to heal, to move, and to be in a body you love. My role (like the good witch) is to help you through the journey.

My goal is to help you to move better,  be more comfortable in your body, and to move more often throughout your day. I have a unique slant to wellness that doesn’t involve chronic exercising, or conforming to a standard of how one should look. Humans have a biological requirement for full and abundant movement and humans come in many forms. All are welcome here.

I teach out of a boutique studio in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. I am also a staff teacher for Nutritious Movement,™ teaching certifying students in person in Sequim, Washington and by Skype.

Please visit my services page to find the best solution for your wellness journey. I look forward to working with you!



Workshops By Alignment Rescue

Twists Throughout the Body

We create rotational forces throughout our bodies, and these forces have repercussions. Join me on June 17 to learn about the various twists (both wanted and unwanted, functional and dysfunctional) in the body.

We’ll spend the bulk of the workshop discussing the core and its ability to yield, as measured by the ability of the abdominal group to twist; the difference between twisting and rolling (which you might have been doing instead of twisting more than you realize). Twisting often feels good, but having a full range of motion is important for various health reasons such as abdominal muscle strength and blood pressure regulation and more.

Working the core muscles excessively in the sagittal plane (crunches, sit ups, roll ups, roll overs, etc.) and isometrically (planks, push ups) lead to muscles that only have strength in that plane and eventually may lead to weaker muscles that don’t force generate due to a chronically shortened state. These practices also contribute to increased loads to the lumbar discs, forces that contribute to abnormal separation of the rectus abdominus (known as diastasis recti and is likely to occur in men as much as women and pregnant women) and other intra-abdominal pressure issues such as hernias and digestive issues (constipation and incontinence both).

This workshop is a logical follow up to the May Pelvis Health workshop, but you may take this workshop as a stand-alone workshop.

Limited to 6 participants. Contact to register. UPDATE: This workshop is now full.

When: June 17, 2017

Time: 11:00-1:00

Price: $40.00 CAD



MYDNA Book Club


This summer for five weeks I’ll be hosting a FREE book club. We’ll go through the book Move Your DNA, by Katy Bowman. I will guide you through the principles outlined in the book, and we can discuss cultural habits and how our environment shapes us. You will start to recognize how our diseases are brought about by a movement drought and be inspired anew to remake your life to one of abundant whole body movement.

The book club will meet at the Alignment REScue studio and if the weather permits, we can take our discussion to a local park. We will take a group walk after the discussion. If you are away for some of the meetings, you may attend the ones you can, and follow the discussion or add questions to the Facebook support group Alignment Insights.

If you would like input on the exercises outlined in Move Your DNA, the weekend following the last meeting will be the September Move Your DNA workshop. In this workshop you will get individual instruction on how to best perform the exercises outlined in the book! Registration opens soon, on the Nutritious Movement™ website (limited to 10 participants). This is completely optional for book club participants, you are welcome to attend the book club only.


We will meet on Saturday mornings August 5, 12, 26, September 2, 9

Please contact me to register your interest.

The Move Your DNA workshop will be held September 16/17


Healthy Moving for Bunions


I have a workshop hosted on Jen Hoffman’s website Healthy Moving called Healthy Moving for Bunions. This is a two hour online workshop that you buy and can watch as often as you like. Supporting materials are a downloadable booklet of the exercises as well as individual videos of each exercise so you can review just one or two videos as needed.

You will learn about the forces that contribute to formation of bunions, and non-surgical methods that reduce those forces and strengthen the feet up to the hips. This course is also a great review for anyone looking for prevention and to increase foot strength and health in general.

The course concentrates on the joint of the first (big) toe where it meets the foot and this joint can be affected by shoe habits and gait patterns leading to bunions, hallux abducto valgus (displaced toe), sesamoiditis, hallux rigidus, and more.

If you are a movement teacher with students with bunions, this course will be very informative.

To access this course on Jen’s site, click here.

If you are a certified RES, you can claim 2 CEUs for completion of this course. Please contact me for special rates.


Healthy Insights by Carol Robbins

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I came to Carol’s classes with so much knee and hip pain I had to use a cane. I could not sit on the floor or get up properly. But after a few months this completely changed. I am forever grateful to her for my continued mobility and independence. It was gentle, non-intrusive, and wonderful class.

- Lesley

Restorative Exercise is radically different from anything else I’ve ever known.  I finally feel I’m onto something that could affect real and permanent change and restore struggling, unbalanced and non-functioning muscles back to health.  Carol is an excellent teacher, open, generous and incredibly knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her classes and workshops.

- Lynn, RMT

I have been taking RE classes with Carol as my teacher for about 2 years now. In that time, I have learned so much about how the body works, and why I had the knee and hip pain that brought me to class in the first place. I am a retired RMT and thought I knew all about how to strengthen and stretch various muscles, but have learned that a lot of what I thought was correct was actually contributing to my issues. So with Carol’s excellent teaching and fun classes, I am finally moving the way nature intended, with great results!

- Stacey