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About Alignment Rescue

Alignment REScue with Carol Robbins

Located in the Beach Hill area of east Toronto, Alignment REScue studio offers private sessions, classes and workshops. I have twenty years’ experience as a movement coach. Special areas of interest are feet, shoulders, hyper-kyphosis and dynamic aging. I am turning 60 next year!

I train regularly with Nutritious Movement™ founder Katy Bowman and assist at many of Katy’s workshops. As well, I’m influenced by ongoing training with anatomy mentor Eileen Birks, Nelson BC.

My beautiful studio is equipped with floor to ceiling mirrors, outdoor covered hanging bars, outdoor monkey bars, rock walks, full southern exposure windows and even a working fireplace for those chilly winter mornings. 

I am one of around 30 worldwide Move Your DNA workshop teachers and hold a two-day workshop bi-annually in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada. The next Toronto workshop is October 26/27 2019 (and look for Ottawa Spring ’20!).

I have received special training to offer Nutritious Movement™ designed Dynamic Aging courses: learn from someone who really understands what that means – if I can change my life and health in my late 50s anyone can! I look forward to offering Dynamic Aging and MovNat classes starting fall ’19.

I offer mentorship to many of the Restorative Exericse teachers worldwide. I also provide a special Facebook study group for around 200 teachers and lead the conversations there as a way to provide a place to discuss client strategy and personal growth within the framework of RE and natural movement. 

I can work with you in person locally and online anywhere in the world!

Workshops By Alignment Rescue

Move Your DNA – Toronto October 26/27 2019


Oct 26/27 2019
Register at Nutritious Movement at this link:

Price: $289 USD/Early bird price is $259 – save $30 – before August 25/19

Located at the bottom of Kew Gardens at the foot of Lake Ontario – right at the boardwalk and the sandy beach! Beyond the studio time, amazing outdoor movement opportunities abound including tree climbing, barefoot walking, stone throwing, hanging, swinging and squatting.

Movement for all bodies, all the time!

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to personally apply the exercises in the book “Move Your DNA” by Katy Bowman. The only prerequisite for this workshop is to read Move Your DNA – which is a great book and highly recommended!

What does the weekend look like?

We meet in the mornings over coffee or tea, get to know each other and then start moving! As we go through the exercises, I’ll show you relevant modifications and make sure you are comfortable at your current level. The workshops are kept small enough that everyone gets personal attention. You’ll be able to identify your boundaries and create a personalized practice of natural movement long after the course is over.

At the end of the first day we take stock and give feedback as we rest in (everyone’s favourite) Psoas Release (because not only do modern people not move enough, they don’t rest enough either).

Both days we break for outdoor movement opportunities in local parks and trails and do some outdoor squatting and hanging too. There has been known to be some tree climbing at times.

My goal is to give you the tools you need to improve your movement capabilities wherever you are starting from, and to leave the workshop feeling great! This is truly movement for all bodies and all ages.



I first certified as a Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist in Feb. 2013, and have achieved the requisite 90 CEUs every two years, which ensures that your teacher is as up-to-date as possible. I attend all the courses that Katy offers!

I qualified as an official Nutritious Movement™ MYDNA Instructor in 2016 (of 30 worldwide).

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions regarding the MYDNA workshop or require assistance regarding travel to Toronto.








Healthy Moving for Bunions


I have a workshop hosted on HealthyMoving.com called Healthy Moving for Bunions. This is a two hour online workshop that you buy and can watch as often as you like. Supporting materials are a downloadable booklet of the exercises as well as individual videos of each exercise so you can review just one or two videos as needed.

You will learn about the forces that contribute to formation of bunions, and non-surgical methods that reduce those forces and strengthen the feet up to the hips. This course is also a great review for anyone looking for prevention and to increase foot strength and health in general.

The course concentrates on the joint of the first (big) toe where it meets the foot and this joint can be affected by shoe habits and gait patterns leading to bunions, hallux abducto valgus (displaced toe), sesamoiditis, hallux rigidus, and more.

If you are a movement teacher with students with bunions, this course will be very informative.

To access this course click here.

If you are a certified RES, you can claim 2 CEUs for completion of this course. Please contact me for special rates.

Testimonial from a Teacher:

“Carol, it’s BRILLIANT! Clarity in the information you provide, practical, well paced, not overwhelming, nice linking of the concepts, really fab video. I will be watching it again but found the first time through to be really informative and I now feel better equipped to work with bunions. The visible change in your feet by the end was also incredible to see.”– Hayley Crockford, RES-CPT



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I came to Carol’s classes with so much knee and hip pain I had to use a cane. I could not sit on the floor or get up properly. But after a few months this completely changed. I am forever grateful to her for my continued mobility and independence. It was gentle, non-intrusive, and wonderful class.

- Lesley (student)

Your insight into movement is so clear; you present things in a non-threatening, understandable way, yet you are able to keep the complexity, not selling short the beauty and amazing gift that movement is.

- C.Morton

Feedback on the Healthy Moving for Bunions course:

“Carol, it’s BRILLIANT! Clarity in the information you provide, practical, well paced, not overwhelming, nice linking of the concepts, really fab video. I will be watching it again but found the first time through to be really informative and I now feel better equipped to work with bunions. The visible change in your feet by the end was also incredible to see.”

- Hayley Crockford, UK