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I have been a Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist since 2013. I teach privates, groups and workshops in Toronto’s beautiful Beaches neighbourhood and beyond. I can also Skype with you if you can’t get to class.

Prior to teaching Restorative Exercise I taught Pilates since 1999 with certification from Stott Pilates and completion of Dianne Miller’s Mat and Reformer Modules. Pilates teachers have included: Karen Carlson, Marie Jose-Blom , Michele Larsson. Anatomy and movement teachers: Irene Dowd, Tom Myers, Stuart McGill, and Eileen Birks. I was an amateur dressage rider for over 30 years with teachers in NA and Europe.

I have been selected to be a workshop instructor for the two-day MYDNA workshops being held worldwide starting in 2016. Based on the book “Move Your DNA” by Katy Bowman, this is an immersive weekend of natural movement for the certifying student and interested general public.

I am on staff at Nutritious Movement™ and am part of a team that certifies new students to be Restorative Exercise Specialists.

Contact me at Carol@alignmentrescue.com


I have worked with Carol for over a decade. She is professional in every sense, always learning and incorporating new theories into her practice. I heartily recommend investing in your health and well-being by working with Carol. -Tessa

I came to Carol’s classes with so much knee and hip pain I had to use a cane. I could not sit on the floor or get up properly. But after a few months this completely changed. I am forever grateful to her for my continued mobility and independence. It was gentle, non-intrusive, and wonderful class. -Lesley

Carol has extensive knowledge of Restorative Exercise™ and is passionate about helping others achieve their alignment goals, while being attentive to each client’s needs and limits. Her private training has been very helpful to me and her classes are informative and fun. I highly recommend Carol as a restorative exercise teacher/trainer! -Joanna

As a student of RE over the past two years, I have found RE™ classes with Carol to have a very positive impact on my chronic hip and back pain as well as making a difference in my overall health. Carol is a dedicated and well informed teacher who is able to translate the work to each person’s level of physical functioning and cognitive understanding. -Samantha

I have been attending Carol’s classes for just over a year and the impact on my life has been profound. Much less pain and much more body awareness. Carol is a fountain of knowledge with the added bonus of being fun to hang out with. -Vera

Restorative Exercise™ is radically different from anything else I’ve ever known.  I finally feel I’m onto something that could affect real and permanent change and restore struggling, unbalanced and non-functioning muscles back to health.  Carol is an excellent teacher, open, generous and incredibly knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her classes and workshops. -Lynn, RMT
I have really enjoyed learning about Restorative Exercise™ from Carol. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and she has a warm and gentle nature. I highly recommend her classes! –SM

I have been taking RE™ classes with Carol as my teacher for about 2 years now. In that time, I have learned so much about how the body works, and why I had the knee and hip pain that brought me to class in the first place. I am a retired RMT and thought I knew all about how to strengthen and stretch various muscles, but have learned that a lot of what I thought was correct was actually contributing to my issues. So with Carol’s excellent teaching and fun classes, I am finally moving the way nature intended, with great results! -Stacey

After my second class with Carol I played golf with my proper foot alignment. On the par 3 first hole I came as close as I have ever come to getting a hole in one (after more than 50 years of playing golf). I no longer half stiff ankles in the morning and my chiropractor is noticing the difference as well. If you ask me, RE™ works. -Ron

I discovered and was instantly drawn to the Restorative Exercise™ method. This led me to Carol Robbins, a RE™ specialist practicing in Toronto. I have had the privilege of working with Carol in a group class setting as well as attending a workshop taught by her. My experience with RE™ and with Carol have been very positive, allowing me to put into practice concepts and techniques which improve my alignment, my ease of movement, as well as the health of my tissues. I highly recommend the RE™ method and Carol in particular. She is a passionate and skillful teacher. -Monique

I’ve truly enjoyed the RE™ classes with you. I discovered that there is a great deal that I don’t know about anatomically correct backbone alignment/posture, about correct foot position when walking and even about reducing knee strain when climbing stairs. Your exercises and coaching regarding hand and foot flexibility, capability and reach were compelling and certainly challenging. In summary, your detailed explanations about the complexities of anatomy and the exercises and advice on how we can recover lost movement were fascinating, logical and immediately useful. -Lenore

I was never anyone to embrace exercise. Even as a small child I thought that walking was just a really inefficient way to get anywhere. So I avoided it most of my life, and tolerated it with bad grace when I had to participate (high school phys ed). Then I reached 60 and realized that parts of me were just seizing up. Add to that a slight disability I had in my right leg due to an untreated injury earlier in my life, and I began to wonder if there were something I could do.
My massage therapist suggested Restorative Exercise™ (she was doing it) and so, with a little bit of fear, I contacted Carol Robbins. Imagine my surprise when I went to my first session at her studio. So different from what I thought of as exercise. First, it is incremental. You begin where you are and move from there. Second, it is gentle. It’s not all about pain and gain, it’s about how you can move now and then, later, when you are ready. No need to spell out the whole program. From me -exercise resistant- to you. Restorative Exercise™ works for me. -Joan

8 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Carol Robbins

  1. Lejla Blazevic


    I am interested in a Restorative Exercise private session.

    How much is it and where would I have to meet you?

    I have just purchased Katy Bowman’s 2 books and several of the DVDs. Should I start with these and wait a while before I see you? How many sessions with you would I need?

    Thank you.

    1. Carol Post author

      Your best bet is to find a RES™ close to you. Check the Restorative Institute website for program graduates. Good luck.

  2. Mikael

    Hi, I really liked the picture with the stretched foot – I do a lot of yoga-BARRE and wonder if you have any suggestions how I can even further extend my feet – it is a great feeling that goes all the way up to your hips and back if you do it correct.

    One that love feet and stretched feet.


    1. Carol Post author

      Hi Mikael, I’m not familiar with yoga barre or why you would want more range of motion of your foot. The function of plantar flexion is to push off in gait and climb, so be careful not to over do it, the ligaments can be overstretched leading to a very unstable foot.

  3. Sarah Parkinson

    Dear Carol,
    I have just read your article on this week’s Pilates Intel and followed the link to your website. Loved the foot exercise to correct bunions. I have a bunion and so do many of my Pilates clients. I have just tried the suggested exercise and my big toe won’t move at all! Any suggestions on how I can do some prep work for this exercise?
    Best wishes,

    1. Carol Post author

      Sorry Sarah for my delay – I didn’t get a notification for this comment for some reason.
      I would manually (with my hands) move the big toe and manipulate it in different ways, carefully! Also press the metatarsal head in towards the rest of the foot and then move the big toe. The muscle is not only weak/atrophied, it is also in the wrong alignment to product abduction. I am working on getting a course out on bunions so I hope you’ll stay tuned!


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