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About Alignment Rescue

Hi, I'm Carol Robbins


I’ve been teaching movement to people since 2000, first as a Pilates teacher, now as a Nutritious Movement™Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES).

I’ve had some great teachers in that time including Pilates masters, anatomists, biochemists, neuroanatomists, kinesiologists and biomechanists.

Beyond my human teachers, influences include cats, horses and babies. Watching them, I learn about proprioception, fearless, fluid and easy movement, skill development, problem solving, and natural movement. Many of the movements we’ve lost as adults are ours by birthright and can be recovered to a large degree.

I believe you have the inherent knowledge to heal yourself and live in a body that you love. My role is to help guide you through this journey, empowering you and bestowing the confidence to move in ways you need to in order to fulfill your biological destiny.

My goal is to help you to move better,  be more comfortable in your body, and to move more often throughout your day. I have a unique slant to wellness that doesn’t involve chronic exercising, or conforming to a standard of how one should look. Humans have a biological requirement for full and abundant movement and humans come in many forms. All are welcome here.

I teach out of a boutique studio in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. I teach by Skype and in person locally. I hold workshops almost monthly in Toronto. Sign up for my newsletter to keep abreast of the offerings. Clients include pre-natal, post-natal, peri-menopausal, post-rehab, pre-surgery, dynamic agers, young, both male and female. I’m well known for my work in foot health and have a Bunion Workshop (see the workshop page for link).

Restorative Exercise is based on the work of biomechanist Katy Bowman and is renowned for being the missing component in your health and wellness regime. There is a biological requirement for specific loads to your tissues that you might be missing and can be corrected simply by standing and walking differently. Many of our common ills have mechanical reasons that are not addressed and you find yourself chasing symptoms not knowing how to fix them. Some of the common complaints we have as a culture include:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • pelvic floor disorders such as organ prolapse, stress incontinence
  • diastasis recti
  • hernias of the diaphragm, abdomen and inguinal ligament
  • flat feet, or over pronation
  • bunions
  • neuroma of the toes
  • knee osteoarthritis
  • hip osteoarthritis
  • rotator cuff issues
  • shoulder impingement
  • low back pain
  • hyperkyphosis (excessive curvature of the upper back and shoulders)
  • neck pain
  • forward head posture
  • breast health
  • sleeping and breathing disorders
  • and more, all of which can be helped by how you use your body!

Please visit my services page to find the best solution for your wellness journey. I look forward to working with you!



Workshops By Alignment Rescue

Healthy Feet – a workshop for 10 toes, 26 bones, 33 joints

Join me on April 8, 2018 for a two-hour studio session all on feet! You’ll learn how to treat your own feet to an amazing massage that you can do any time, no appointment needed. We’ll be working through many of the joints of the feet, mobilizing them, and learning what the intrinsic muscles of the feet should be able to do. Many of those muscles are not readily available because of our habits of wearing shoes and walking on flat and level surfaces like the sidewalk, habits that don’t utilize all the amazing movement our feet are capable of.

We’ll stretch some muscles through corrective exercises, strengthen others through exercises like you’ve never seen at the gym. After two hours of foot love, we’ll take our new feet out to a park across the road to practice off-sidewalk walking on several surfaces and hill climbing. Come prepared if the weather is inclement and wear your regular walking shoes. Plan on spending about half an hour at the park, outside of the studio time.

DATE: Sunday April 8 from 11:00am – 1:30pm (last half hour at the park across the road)
COST: $45.00 all in until March 25, after which the price is $50.00

Price includes some fun props you get to take home to keep your feet their finest.
This workshop is held at the beach studio Alignment REScue and registration will be capped at 8 participants. The studio is in the Upper Beach area near Woodbine and Gerrard with free on-street parking (but you’re going to walk here right?).






September 22/23 Move Your DNA – TORONTO


Toronto’s next Move Your DNA two-day workshop is on September 22/23 at Alignment REScue (upper beaches). You will discover how to incorporate all-day full-body movement that is easy and fun. My home is my studio, so you can see how to incorporate movement options easily and conveniently into your life, no gym required. We will also go on a group walk each day and practice hanging skills! My studio is conveniently located to a local park and the beautiful beaches area.

In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the exercises in the book “Move Your DNA”, by Katy Bowman. The only prerequisite for this workshop is to read the book – no special movement skills required. This is truly for everyone – from skilled movers with questions, to grandparents who would like to play with their grandkids more comfortably on the ground, and all in between.

The signup for this workshop is on the Nutritious Movement™ site and all prices are USD. This workshop will be capped at 10 participants for maximum interaction with a NM certified RES (me!).

Register at this link: https://nutritiousmovement.pike13.com/events/4449572
If there is no Enroll button, the course is full. In that case, please email me if you’d like to be on the waitlist.

Airbnb’s are available nearby, search “Upper Beach” or “Beach Hill” on Airbnb.
Parking is free on the street during the workshop.
Transit is a convenient way to get here, I’m a few minutes from the subway and on the streetcar line as well.
Feel free to email with any questions.








Healthy Moving for Bunions


I have a workshop hosted on HealthyMoving.com called Healthy Moving for Bunions. This is a two hour online workshop that you buy and can watch as often as you like. Supporting materials are a downloadable booklet of the exercises as well as individual videos of each exercise so you can review just one or two videos as needed.

You will learn about the forces that contribute to formation of bunions, and non-surgical methods that reduce those forces and strengthen the feet up to the hips. This course is also a great review for anyone looking for prevention and to increase foot strength and health in general.

The course concentrates on the joint of the first (big) toe where it meets the foot and this joint can be affected by shoe habits and gait patterns leading to bunions, hallux abducto valgus (displaced toe), sesamoiditis, hallux rigidus, and more.

If you are a movement teacher with students with bunions, this course will be very informative.

To access this course click here.

If you are a certified RES, you can claim 2 CEUs for completion of this course. Please contact me for special rates.

Testimonial from a Teacher:

“Carol, it’s BRILLIANT! Clarity in the information you provide, practical, well paced, not overwhelming, nice linking of the concepts, really fab video. I will be watching it again but found the first time through to be really informative and I now feel better equipped to work with bunions. The visible change in your feet by the end was also incredible to see.”– Hayley Crockford, RES-CPT



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I came to Carol’s classes with so much knee and hip pain I had to use a cane. I could not sit on the floor or get up properly. But after a few months this completely changed. I am forever grateful to her for my continued mobility and independence. It was gentle, non-intrusive, and wonderful class.

- Lesley (student)

Your insight into movement is so clear; you present things in a non-threatening, understandable way, yet you are able to keep the complexity, not selling short the beauty and amazing gift that movement is.

- C.Morton

Feedback on the Healthy Moving for Bunions course:

“Carol, it’s BRILLIANT! Clarity in the information you provide, practical, well paced, not overwhelming, nice linking of the concepts, really fab video. I will be watching it again but found the first time through to be really informative and I now feel better equipped to work with bunions. The visible change in your feet by the end was also incredible to see.”

- Hayley Crockford, UK