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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

The Alignment REScue helps the Little RES Q!

People think of casts as a plaster casing that holds a bone and its associated joints in position, usually for the purpose of allowing a bone to heal if it's been broken. The idea is that if the bone is restricted in movement, the bones will have a chance to repair. So we have the idea that a cast i Continue Reading...

Developing a Prenatal Practice

I'm about to embark on my first prenatal class! I feel confident in my abilities to address a pregnant clientele - for one thing I am a mother and have gone through it all two times. My daughters are now 23 and 26 (how did that happen!?) but I remember well both the challenges and the joys. More Continue Reading...

A Time for Reflection

This is traditionally the time when we all make amends for having way too much fun eating and drinking over the holidays. This is a way of thinking that permeates our culture - that of making amends for excess: guilty pleasures followed by contrition. "I'll eat this now and pay for it later," "I' Continue Reading...

2015 Gift Giving Guide

Welcome to The 2015 Gift Guide, curated by yours truly. If you were wondering what to get for me your friends and family members, look no further! (find last year's guide here.) I know commercialism is crass and we all want the world to be a peaceful place where bad things don't happen. How about Continue Reading...

Stair Climbing 101

This is a video posting that will hopefully illustrate how most people (and some cats) climb stairs and then a more mechanically optimal way to climb stairs, or any grade really. If you really slow down and have a look at how  you climb stairs, you might find that it goes something like this: Continue Reading...