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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

REPORT: Gait Assessment and Optimization Workshop with Tom Myers Nov.’16

I attended a workshop with Tom Myers, well known author/anatomist/Rolfer last week with two of my colleagues and about 47 others in downtown Toronto. I've done workshops with him before, in NYC in 2010. Since that time, as most of you know, I've changed tack (sailing reference!) from teaching Pilate Continue Reading...

Sequim Training Long Weekend

I just spent a long weekend at the Nutritious Movementâ„¢ Center Northwest - NMCNW with Katy Bowman and my colleagues. We'll be teaching at the upcoming "RES weeks" - which are the culminating week after a two year study period for becoming a Restorative Exercise Specialist. It is not easy becoming Continue Reading...

Ultimate Guide to the Bunion

[caption id="attachment_1251" align="aligncenter" width="300"] These two photos were taken moments apart, the foot on the left showing the adapted position and the same foot on the right showing the corrected position.[/caption] Have you got a Bunion-in-the-Oven? Most people who sport a bunion Continue Reading...

RES Week #3 – Sequim WA

I just returned from my third week of training with Katy Bowman and her merry band of teachers (and merry they certainly are!). I'm thrilled to announce that I have joined that band of teachers, and I had the privilege (and fear) of teaching the first group class at RES week on this, the last of the Continue Reading...

The Alignment REScue helps the Little RES Q!

People think of casts as a plaster casing that holds a bone and its associated joints in position, usually for the purpose of allowing a bone to heal if it's been broken. The idea is that if the bone is restricted in movement, the bones will have a chance to repair. So we have the idea that a cast i Continue Reading...