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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

Classes Start This Week!

I'm pretty excited that after an absence of six weeks, classes start up again this week. My last venue closed and it took me a while to find a space, but a space I found and what a space! I'm stoked! Firstly, the location is awesome -- it is in Leslieville, one of "Toronto's hippest place to dine Continue Reading...

The gift of healthy bowel movements

Okay, that was probably not on your Christmas list. Or your kid's list. But have you ever enjoyed a moment in the bush, "au naturel?" If you've ever traveled to a foreign country and found yourself facing a hole in the ground and you don't have your squat mechanics ready to go, well, you can't go. I Continue Reading...

Fundraiser for Interval House

I am doing a Restorative Exercise™ class this Wednesday, December 11. The class will be a primer on foot health, a little piece of my foot workshop. I call it the "High Heel Hangover" class, as this is the season that many business types (and others) find themselves standing around at seasonal par Continue Reading...

Lumbar Spine Release

My last post was all about the psoas muscle and how it can affect the positioning of your spine and pelvis. Keep in mind that we are trying to assess bone position here, and if you have a lot of padding, don't let that throw off your evaluation. You may have discovered you were in a position wher Continue Reading...

The Dressage Rider and the Psoas

About 100 years ago, before I became a full time Pilates teacher and then a RES™, I rode horses. I was one of those horse crazy girls from a very early age. I distinctly remember seeing a horse on TV before I could speak, and running over to the box and banging on the screen in an attempt to get t Continue Reading...