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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

Book Review: Alignment Matters

Katy Bowman, M.S. Alignment Matters: the First Five Years of Katy Says Propriometrics Press, 2013 447 pp., $21.95 978-0-9896539-0-9Disclaimer: I am a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and hence, am biased to love this book. (I received this copy for free as a review copy.) So I will d Continue Reading...

Feet are the New Hands

I like to challenge myself in my daily activities, not necessarily taking the easiest way, but doing something that will keep me feeling young and able. For example, when you put on or take off your shoes, do you have to sit down, or hold onto the wall? I like to see if I can balance on one leg whil Continue Reading...

Explore Toronto

I had intended to post a weekly "walk of the week" on my blog, but in truth, I do the same walk over and over, which would be pretty boring for you. I walk to work to kill two birds, so to speak, and I use the same route more or less, as I try to walk on natural surfaces (parks) and avoid the main s Continue Reading...

Natural Feet

I was going through some old photos today looking for natural movement examples for a digital library a colleague is going to put together. The Restorative Exercise™ classes have begun (Tuesday was the first of eight classes in this series, to be repeated on Saturday mornings) and we started with Continue Reading...

How to do it in the car

I had a lovely long weekend trip to Montreal this past weekend - five hours by car. Fortunately I was the passenger so I could move around and change positions often. If I had to sit in one position for five hours there would be a lot of stretching stops!  I always travel with my trusty "squish Continue Reading...