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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

Natural Feet

I was going through some old photos today looking for natural movement examples for a digital library a colleague is going to put together. The Restorative Exercise™ classes have begun (Tuesday was the first of eight classes in this series, to be repeated on Saturday mornings) and we started with Continue Reading...

How to do it in the car

I had a lovely long weekend trip to Montreal this past weekend - five hours by car. Fortunately I was the passenger so I could move around and change positions often. If I had to sit in one position for five hours there would be a lot of stretching stops!  I always travel with my trusty "squish Continue Reading...

Evaluating Clients

Recently I had a very interesting client evaluation. A woman came to me with shoulder issues. I had a look at her the way she would normally present herself and saw very clearly that she carried one shoulder much higher than the other. I took her in front of the mirror and asked her if she could rec Continue Reading...

Knee Cap Release (Tune In, Turn Off)

As part of the basic stance in Restorative Exercise™, I ask my clients to "release your knee caps." Usually this request is met with a raising of the eyebrows, which is an interesting response, but not the one that I desired. The knee cap (proper name: patella) is embedded in a tendon of the quadr Continue Reading...

I <3 NY

Well the NYC workshop is over, and a great time was had by all. New Yorkers are a curious bunch and it wasn't long before the room was abuzz with chatter and people asking questions and demanding more information! It was very exciting and rewarding to work with so many vibrant people. Unfortunately, Continue Reading...