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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

Knee Cap Release (Tune In, Turn Off)

As part of the basic stance in Restorative Exercise™, I ask my clients to "release your knee caps." Usually this request is met with a raising of the eyebrows, which is an interesting response, but not the one that I desired. The knee cap (proper name: patella) is embedded in a tendon of the quadr Continue Reading...

I <3 NY

Well the NYC workshop is over, and a great time was had by all. New Yorkers are a curious bunch and it wasn't long before the room was abuzz with chatter and people asking questions and demanding more information! It was very exciting and rewarding to work with so many vibrant people. Unfortunately, Continue Reading...

NYC Workshop

I'm honoured to be part of a team of Restorative Exercise Specialists™ leading the first workshop in NYC. Here is the flyer for the event, happening June 21 from 1:30-5:30 (two classes). If you are in the city, or know someone who might be interested, please pass the information along. (Click on t Continue Reading...

Shoe Review: Zuuks!

I received a new pair of shoes today in the mail. Full disclosure: I received these shoes free, but in no way did the company suggest I had to review them, or even talk about them. They gave out about 20 pairs. All I did was enter a contest and at the end, they bestowed a free pair on everyone who Continue Reading...

The Elusive Core

Lets talk about the term "the core" and what it means. I first came across this term in my initial Pilates training. At that time, it was (and continues to be) a rather vague term that generally refers to abdominal strength. It is still thought that ab strength directly relates to back stability. Continue Reading...