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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

Alignment vs. Posture

When I tell people what I do for a living, I am often told something like "I already work on my alignment" or "I do restorative yoga so I'm good." So I wanted to write a post about alignment versus posture: are they the same? When you think of posture, you probably get an image in your mind of a Continue Reading...


  My last post was rather serious, so I thought I'd try to lighten the mood a little by showing you my thing. Wait, that doesn't sound right at all. When I showed this video to my daughter, she said it reminded her of "Thing," from the Addam's Family, only it is a foot instead of a hand. Continue Reading...

Slip Sliding Away

There is a quaint saying here in Toronto -- there are two seasons in the city; winter, and construction. I think it's time to add another season to the mix - FRACTURE season! This seems to be a very hazardous spring here in TO, with the freeze/thaw/freeze cycles we've had lately. I've left the hou Continue Reading...

Take a Fall on the Wild Side

Let's talk about the walk. You get out of bed and walk to the toilet, you walk to the kitchen table and eat breakfast, you walk to the car and drive to work, you walk to your desk and work all day, you walk to your car and drive home, you walk to your table and eat dinner, you walk to the couch and Continue Reading...

The Ruby Slippers

Two weeks ago, Toronto had the first big snowstorm of the season. I was in San Francisco, having treated myself to a holiday after the RES™ certification week in Ventura. I received notification that my flight was cancelled, but I headed to the airport anyway, thinking they'd get me on the next fl Continue Reading...