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Alignment Insights By Carol Robbins

Shoe Review: Xeroshoes Lena

I interrupt my regular blog programming for a special shoe review: The Xeroshoes Lena [caption id="attachment_1415" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Wearing the Xero Lena shoe around town[/caption] I was given this shoe to review with the understanding that I would put it through its paces (whi Continue Reading...

Legs-on-the-Wall for Pelvic Floor/Adductor Stretch

Since it’s Spring, and the birds and bees are starting to do their thing, I thought I’d turn our attention from the foot and lower leg to the pelvic floor. Everyone needs a strong, supple, functioning pelvic floor. It comes in very handy for so many of our needs. Both male and female of the spec Continue Reading...

Lifestyle Tips to Support Foot Health

Functional feet are my fondest favourites! For fancy footwork and for fleet feet, follow these four fun facts: Move your toes Walk over non-level ground Go barefoot or transition to a more minimal shoe Go forth. As in walk. A lot. Let’s break that down shall we? Move Your toes: Continue Reading...

Anatomy of the Top of Foot Stretch

The Top of Foot Stretch lengthens the front of the shin and ankle, and shortens the plantar surface muscles (you may experience cramping), it also lengthens the tendons that extend, or lifts, the toes. Here’s a primer on Foot Anatomy. Feet have 26 bones -that's a LOT of bones. That's a lot of b Continue Reading...

Foot Mobility – Top of Foot Stretch

Yesterday I taught another full workshop on Functional Feet. I've lost count of how many foot workshops I have taught since 2012 when I got my "Healthy Foot Practitioner" designation (which is no longer offered as a stand-alone course by Nutritious Movement™). At that time I loved that you could s Continue Reading...