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Happy New Year!

As we begin another year, we reflect on the one that passed, and resolve to make changes for a better and healthier year to come.

I had an excellent year professionally, with a dream realized when I was asked to be a teacher for the Nutritious Movement™ organization and three trips to the Nutritious Movement™ Center Northwest. I think I shine as a teacher when I work with students studying to become teachers themselves. I certainly enjoy it! I’ve met such keen and inspiring individuals all over the world in 2016.

I am making a big announcement and a RESolution this year.

2017 is the year I resolve to get you to move more of you, more of the time!

I resolve to write a blog post every two weeks in 2017 and if you follow them, you’ll learn a lot! By the end of 2017 you will feel happier and healthier. And I will do that for you for free all year long on the blog and Facebook.

I’ll be using:

  • this blog (new new website launches soon!)
  • Facebook LIVE! and Facebook posts
  • Monthly Workshops (first one free)
  • Online courses
  • If you are local – classes and private lessons
  • If you aren’t, lessons by Skype!

I see my job as a movement teacher as pretty simple: I need to get the parts of you that aren’t moving to move. Often the parts of you that are moving, move too much, leading to discomfort and even pain.

The experience comes in knowing what and finding where those stuck places are, and the skill comes in getting you to move something that has been movement deficient, sometimes for decades.

Getting the “stuck” parts of you to move will:

  • increase your metabolism (leading to better fitness and perhaps assist in weight control)
  • decrease the wear and tear on the compensating parts
  • increase blood flow to those tissues and improve their health (and yours ultimately)
  • give you confidence
  • improve your strength
  • make you feel great!

Every two weeks, with the first on Jan. 15 I will be posting a blog, in series of three.

  1. The exercise – how to do it
  2. The anatomy of the exercise – how it works and where
  3. Lifestyle tips to incorporate this movement into your daily activities – to enable you to work the correctives into your life in a completely functional and convenient way

So keep your eyes on this space my friends – because for free, or very little money in the case of workshops/courses (and the first workshop on Jan.21 is FREE!) you will learn how to move more, move better, and bring more health into your life this year. It’s my job, and I’m happy to help!

Please share these posts to your social media to help spread the word, and tell your friends about the benefits that Restorative Exercise has had in your life. Here’s to a great year!


JANUARY 21, 11am  The first workshop of the year is an Introduction to Alignment – how it differs from posture, what RE is, how can it help you! Please come and bring a friend!
(Location is Upper Beach, Toronto)

introductiontoalignmentRSVP to carol@alignmentrescue.com






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