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I <3 NY

Well the NYC workshop is over, and a great time was had by all. New Yorkers are a curious bunch and it wasn’t long before the room was abuzz with chatter and people asking questions and demanding more information! It was very exciting and rewarding to work with so many vibrant people. Unfortunately, many questions were asked that I could not answer without speaking over a teacher, and I hope that those people will continue their search for answers on this and other alignment blogs, or contact me by email for any specific questions.

My colleagues and I broke the workshop up into “Introduction to Restorative Exerciseâ„¢” and “Pelvic Floor Health and Birth Mechanics” portions. The workshop was four hours long in a midtown location.

I spent a few extra days in NYC to celebrate my birthday and explore Brooklyn, which I hadn’t done before. I thought it might be fun to share some photos. Walk of the week definitely has to be the Brooklyn Bridge! On Sunday my husband and I walked from Brooklyn Heights across the bridge, through Chinatown, Little Italy, over to the West Village and all around, back to the East Village and all around, to Milk Bar for B’Day cake truffles, subway to Williamsburg, and then walked all around Williamsburg.

Update on Zuuk shoes: I did all my NYC walking in the Zuuk shoes and they were comfortable, wore well and didn’t chafe. My only complaint would be that they were a little hot, but it was 94 degrees one day, so it wasn’t surprising.

The beginning of the bridge, from the Brooklyn side. (My husband in white in the centre of the photo.)


Some gratuitous cake photos:

P1040982 P1040978

A scene from artsy Williamsburg:


And a beautiful night time skyline of lower NYC:


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