Restorative Exercise

The New Biomechanical Model of Health

Restorative Exercise is a corrective and functional movement alignment program which applies the principles of biomechanics to the body and how it functions. Far more than a musculo-skeletal approach, Restorative Exercise addresses many of the so-called diseases of behaviour and the role of alignment in their treatment.

Approximately 50 exercises are utilized to teach motor skill and restore optimal muscle length. Using 25 objective alignment markers that can be applied to any person, healthy areas and areas that require attention are exposed. Once a body is aligned using these points, the client is able to see very clearly areas of the body that are short and weak, restricting joint movement and adding friction to joints and tissues, and areas that are long and weak, unable to support the bones for optimal stability.

The goal of the program is to improve the three areas of circulation in the body: optimal wellness can be achieved through muscle innervation that allows maximum flow of oxygen to all tissues, electricity (nerve) flow, and lymph (waste removal) flow.

In our society of a shoe wearing, sitting (sedentary) population, certain restricted areas are common and are spotlight in this program. Tight lower legs, hyper-kyphosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, tight shoulders and chests, low bone density, hip, lower back and knee issues, are some common areas addressed.

In Restorative Exercise, we know that the way to health is not through intensive, repetitive exercise bouts to offset sedentary hours, but through abundant, symmetrical, whole body movement – specifically walking in correct alignment to optimize weight bearing on the hip joint, among other natural movement protocols such as squatting and hanging.

With Restorative Exercise you will acquire motor skills, improve your strength:weight ratio, and indulge in whole body movement.

Restorative Exercise is a certifying program taught by Nutritious Movementâ„¢ founder Katy Bowman and requires 2 years of study and a week of on-site study and exam. Certification is maintained with rigorous advanced studies on a weekly basis. (This is not a program where you take a weekend course and then hang a shingle!)






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