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RES Week #3 – Sequim WA

I just returned from my third week of training with Katy Bowman and her merry band of teachers (and merry they certainly are!). I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined that band of teachers, and I had the privilege (and fear) of teaching the first group class at RES week on this, the last of the old cohort certifying students. I chose my own topic and taught on “Shoulders, with an Emphasis on Protraction using Twist.” It was a fun class and I got great feedback – I was even asked if my class could be filmed for future reference, which we did, later that same week. It was just amazing to be standing at the head of the Nutritious Movement Center and leading a large group of students and teachers in my own choreography, and having them all so dedicated and focused.

Even more wonderful was spending time with the teachers I’ve been following for years now, and have so much respect for. We all shared a house in the area and prepared and ate meals together, and shopped together and worked together, walked together and lived together for the week. It was like a big old Walton’s moment. I never had the experience of siblings and close family growing up, so this was pretty special.

Here are some of the highlights from the week (click on the pics for larger):


We were put up in a lovely house in a subdivision that was built around an airstrip. The owners of the houses had their own planes. This was the airstrip, that I took a barefoot walk on. Luckily no planes were coming or going during this time!


This was the view from the front door!

IMG_8891 IMG_8889 IMG_8886 IMG_8898

IMG_8881 IMG_8899

Pics from my class! That’s me in black.


A live taping of the Katy Says Podcast featuring Dani Hemmat!

IMG_8969 IMG_8951

Some of my fabulous fellow teachers on the Dungeness Spit.

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