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Snack Homework part 2

Get your Snack Homework by clicking on my affiliate link HERE.

As promised, here are the remaining 10 snacks with a brief description. Read about the first 12 here.

A Balanced Approach to Hip Strength – have a chair handy and use either the seat or the chair back. Standing, squatting and one legged squats (hard), alternating with anterior shoulder work using yoga strap. A lesson in knee alignment in squat. Standing #4. Nice demo on Double Calf Stretch or forward bending. Listing with forward bends. Posterior arm hold.
Not easy, not a beginner snack – recommended for those who are already proficient in squatting and listing.
Can’t Get Enough of Shoulders – (this is the free Snack!) Rhomboid push up, interspersed with yummy shoulder stretches in quadruped and seated positions. Some inner thigh stretching seated. At around the 21:00 there is an interesting lesson on bone health/aging. Differentiating between scapula and arm movements. Posterior arm stretch.
Everybody Needs a Little Shoulder Bolster – you’ll need a bolster or equivalent (rolled sleeping bag for eg.) Most of lesson is done supine (lying down). Starts with everyone’s favourite: Psoas Release (a cheer goes up in every class when I announce this exercise). Some great talk on cardiovascular health. A great lesson on floor angels. Finger stretches. External rotation of the shoulder. A really hard hamstring stretch (have a strap handy for it). Stacked cobbler. Thoracic stretch on the bolster. This is a personal favourite – a great snack and Katy is talkative, which is a good thing! Listen and learn!
Let’s Do the Twist – Trunk mobility. Yoga block and half dome handy. (Can use a book and a rolled blanket.) Deconstruct the twist. Very important skill! Crescent stretch. Prone Inner Thigh Stretch. Prone Quad Stretch. Bonus material after the class plus a surprise guest appearance. This Snack is delicious!
Quads and Hams – lesson on floor sitting protecting knees. Strap Stretch. Prone Quad stretch. Happy Baby (upside down squat with some squat talk). Thigh stretch kneeling (this is a good one). Lesson on quad muscles and orientation during gait, knee health.
Rhomboid Madness – Rhomboid push up. This is an exercise that creates a lot of confusion, and it’s actually very simple, you just rarely move your scapulas this way. So this is a good one if you want to study it a bit further. Some chat on breast cancer/health. Tricep press up (hard!), a few different Finger stretches, Tricep Lowers (hard!), twist with arm Windmill. Bonus material after the class: 2 min. chat on Bone Density and exercise.
Stretching the Standing Muscles – Calf Stretch with head hang and shoulder stretch (multitasking!), Double Calf Stretch (flat and on the dome), Listing on a block with concentric/eccentric lateral hip, Double Calf Stretch wide with lateral hip shifts, List on block with Forward Bend (hard!), List on dome round side down (unstable, balance challenge), Soleus stretch. This is your basic stance exercises so a great Snack for everyone. There is a lot of listing in this Snack, so if you are a beginner your lateral hips might be sore afterwards!
Take a Load off Your Chest and Your Hips Too¬†– You’ll need a bolster or equivalent. Psoas Release (ahhh!) with Floor Angels. Hand Stretches. Thumb stretches (really!). Cobbler stretch for hips, Hip Internal rotation. ALL this with the bolster under the shoulders, so a very restful Snack.
Twisting the Night Away – Deconstructing the twist. A nice lesson on finding your twist boundaries. Starts with spine mobilizing, hip flexing, leading into the first twist with knees together. Full twist with focus on various body parts. Twist variations. Rhomboid Push Up. Seated Twist. V sit stretch. This one is very twisty!
Just a Dab of Abs – what’s the difference between coordination and strength? Tricep Press Up. Cobbler, hand stretch. Prone Quad stretch, Plank on knees with positioning cues, lowering from Plank. This Snack differs from all the others in that it is the only one you hear the other class participants, mostly laughing at their own attempts. Supine, Happy Baby hip opener. Lifting from Tricep Press Up into Plank (groans from the crowd). Luckily this class is less than 20 minutes long. Bonus Material after class: Do you have tight traps (shoulders)? How do you fix that? Bonus Bonus Material – What’s the difference between Movement, Natural Movement, and Exercise? This 5 minute speech is worth the price of this Snack!

And…just as I finish up this Post, Katy Bowman announced on her Facebook Page that MORE Snacks are coming! So quick, buy all these and get busy!

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