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Snack Homework!

Get your Snack Homework by clicking on my affiliate link HERE.

You can buy a half hour workout taught by Katy Bowman herself for $5. US. FIVE DOLLARS! So it’s a total no-brainer as they say. You will get a link emailed to you with a zip file to download to your computer. Yes that’s right – you get to KEEP these classes forever. You can download them and take them on vacation or to the cottage. Or if you miss your regular class or walk, hey, do a Snack! I really like listening to Katy bantering, because she’s the kind of person who drops pearls of wisdom every time she banters.

So I thought I’d start you off with a brief description of 12 Snacks to help you choose. They typically have a subject (neck, shoulders, balance etc). I’ll do another post soon with the remaining 10 Snacks. The first Snack is available FREE  – it’s called Can’t Get Enough Shoulders. So go try that one and then start downloading!

It helps to have a half dome, yoga block, bolster and strap for some of these classes. If you don’t have them, you can probably find substitute items around the house. Don’t let that stop you.

Within Reach – quadruped lesson including rib cage position, elbow pit definition. Rhomboid Pushup, shoulder stretches, tricep lowers, hand stretches, psoas release, TWIST! with arm stretch. Great great snack for everyone but especially people who don’t use their upper body optimally (computer users anyone?). Wonderful snack – a MUST.
Walk This Way – Stand This Way – Entire class standing. Lateral hip in gait lesson. Listing, Leg stretches, squat, standing #4. Not a long list, but you will be working hard!
Hips Don’t Lie – They Sit – which starts with a nice demo and instructions on how to find neutral pelvis and what a rib thrust looks like. Various seated hip stretches (sitting on block), twisting, lying supine cobbler hip stretch. Very nice!
Balance Using Lateral Hips – a lesson on *optimal gait* AND *how to climb stairs without sacrificing your knees*. Katy gives a great lesson here.  At about the 20 minute mark, one of the students asks a question and Katy answers it at length (all the time standing on one leg).
The Backbone’s Connected to the Other Backbones – This one starts with a lesson on hidden hyperkyphosis (dowager’s hump that you might have and not know) and where the movement to address it needs to come from. This is followed by thoracic mobility to get that part of the spine more mobile. Of course, Katy explains it all so well! This snack is done mostly lying down.
Don’t turn off the snack after the lesson has ended – there is bonus material at the end! – all about Muscle Cramping.
Leg Goes Forward, Leg Goes Back – Hip Extension! Psoas lesson! All about metabolism! Hamstring stretches! Quad stretches! Apart from a kneeling lunge, this is another one done mostly lying down; mostly supine, some prone.
A Real Pain in the Neck – How nice to spend a half hour stretching the muscles of the neck! You know you need it. A lesson on the pectoralis (chest) muscle, and the rib position.
Frankie Says Relax the Psoas – Lesson on the location and function of the Psoas muscle (using skeleton). Psoas release, lunge, rib drop. If you do Yoga, this Snack has a portion on Down Dog you might find interesting!
Adductor Madness – Pez dispenser with legs up, lots of leg lifts (concentric quads!), cobbler, pretzel stretch, and ends with rhomboid push up and tricep lowers…this is good value – lots of exercises. Katy keeps up the pace on this one. This is a good one for someone who wants a challenge and isn’t ready to spend 30 minutes just doing one or two exercises mindfully.
All Around the Thighs – standing stretches, calf stretch, double calf stretch, quad stretch, #4 stretch, lunge with some modifications. Helps to have a chair nearby.
All Fo’ the Pelvic Flo’  – a great one! A lesson on the correct function of the pelvic floor. Just get it. You’ll need a bolster or a cushion. V sitting, leg extension prone (great lesson on walking with hip extension versus spine extension). Bridging with foot lifts, cobbler. Stay tuned after the class for Bonus Material – all about the armpit “Egg Hole” (breast health!) Super duper Snack!
Gotta Get Down to Arm Swingtown – arm swing (in gait) lesson. Shoulder stretches, listing, finger stretches. Do you really need those walking sticks?


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