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Feet and Walking

In my last post (link) I mentioned that walking is a category, and that what most people envision when asked to imagine a person walking, is a person walking on a flat, level surface, perhaps a sidewalk. Indeed, when people “go for a walk” most of the time they use a trail or a route they have mapped out that will help them achieve the 10,000 steps on their Fitbit. I went to Costa Rica this spring, and I was looking forward to bushwhacking my way through a wild, untamed jungle, but even

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Anatomy of the Top of Foot Stretch

The Top of Foot Stretch lengthens the front of the shin and ankle, and shortens the plantar surface muscles (you may experience cramping), it also lengthens the tendons that extend, or lifts, the toes. Here’s a primer on Foot Anatomy. Feet have 26 bones -that's a LOT of bones. That's a lot of bones for muscles to attach to and to make up joints for movement. That's a structure meant for a lot of movement. Landmarks of the feet are: Heel - the calcaneus bone. If I asked you to point at

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Eat your Heart Out Imelda Marcos!

Okay, I might not be quite the symbol of excess that Imelda Marcos was, and I'm sure she wouldn't be caught dead in any of these shoes. But the fact remains that I have bought more pairs of shoes since becoming a RES™ than I have in several years previous. Being a super tall woman, I was never one for heels, and many of my clients say they never wear heels! but in fact, they always wear heels, they just don't think of it the same way I do. You see, the term "positive" heel is a mathemat

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