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Lifestyle Tips for Twisting

My partner and I share a car. We park in a garage off a narrow lane and that requires backing up the lane and then turning the car, while backing up, and pulling a 90 degree turn into the garage without hitting a neighbour’s car, another neighbour’s fence or tree, the stuff in our garage or our garage itself. Every time I park successfully I give a little sigh of relief. But what I’ve noticed is that I’m better at backing up than my partner is. (I also think I’m better at driving forwa

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Developing a Prenatal Practice

I'm about to embark on my first prenatal class! I feel confident in my abilities to address a pregnant clientele - for one thing I am a mother and have gone through it all two times. My daughters are now 23 and 26 (how did that happen!?) but I remember well both the challenges and the joys. More recently of course, I have been studying loads and forces as part of my Restorative Exercise™ work - and it's not a very romantic way to think of a developing baby - but it is a load! So it's not th

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