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Plantar Fasciitis

I recently taught my first Plantar Fasciitis workshop. I asked for people who were currently experiencing PF or who had it in the past. Restorative Exercise gives a different spin on conditions like this because what you need to consider is not only the symptoms and the structures that pay the price for them, but the original condition of the structures of the foot, the usage and/or lack of usage of the foot and how that can be essentially a "pre-existing condition." In other words, we don't

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Anatomy of the Top of Foot Stretch

The Top of Foot Stretch lengthens the front of the shin and ankle, and shortens the plantar surface muscles (you may experience cramping), it also lengthens the tendons that extend, or lifts, the toes. Here’s a primer on Foot Anatomy. Feet have 26 bones -that's a LOT of bones. That's a lot of bones for muscles to attach to and to make up joints for movement. That's a structure meant for a lot of movement. Landmarks of the feet are: Heel - the calcaneus bone. If I asked you to point at

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Vive la Calf Stretch!

FIRST EXERCISE OF 2017 IS THE CALF STRETCH! You thought I’d start at the foot didn’t you? Well the calf muscles ARE part of the feet - many of the calf muscles are what is called EXTRINSIC muscles which means one end of them are in the foot, and the other end on the leg. So starting here is like getting a two-for-one deal! But here’s why I really started at the Calf Stretch. This seemingly simple little movement is going to revolutionize your life. The Fidel Calfstretch of exercises,

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