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Breastfeeding and the Shoulder

I put out a call on my Facebook page (link) asking for questions about shoulder related issues and I got a lot of really great questions. I can only answer these questions with the limited knowledge and training that I have and thus these are by no means definitive answers, but they might help to guide your thinking. If I can point you in the direction for more information, I certainly will. I answered the first question in my last post (link) as it was about that topic (scapular movement)

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Hanging for Shoulder Health

Shoulders are particularly poor in health in our culture. We use arms and hands and shoulders a fraction of their potential. Arms are usually internally rotated as the default norm, which means the humeral head is rolled forward and in in the glenoid fossa of the scapula. [caption id="attachment_1066" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Typical forward head of a "gamer" showing rolled forward shoulders.[/caption] The scapula (shoulder blade) sits on the rib cage, so the position of the rib ca

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Notes on Shoulder Health

This post is in response to a reader request for more details on the RE™ approach to shoulder health. In order to have this discussion, it is necessary to talk first about shoulder anatomy. Shoulders and feet are pretty much my favourite topics anatomically. They both have a lot in common: they are complex structures that are both fundamentally underused and overused! We can stand on our feet all day, or run a marathon (overuse) but we can't spread our toes or lift them individually (under

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