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Plantar Fasciitis

I recently taught my first Plantar Fasciitis workshop. I asked for people who were currently experiencing PF or who had it in the past. Restorative Exercise gives a different spin on conditions like this because what you need to consider is not only the symptoms and the structures that pay the price for them, but the original condition of the structures of the foot, the usage and/or lack of usage of the foot and how that can be essentially a "pre-existing condition." In other words, we don't

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Lifestyle Tips for Lower Leg Health

Sticking with the Lower Leg theme - the calf and soleus - what are some other ways you can add support to a part of your body that is now moving more and moving better? If you’ve been doing the Calf Stretch and Soleus Stretch for a month, you might find that you are experiencing one or all of the following: ease of discomfort in the knees and feet less cramping in the calves and feet more energy for walking and climbing stairs less discomfort in the a.m. in the plantar fascia

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Footprints in the Snow

Today I went out to clear some of the fresh snow that fell yesterday and found this:  So let's call this guy "The Mailman." The Mailman has a decidedly turned out foot position. Let's see what happens when he continues down the walk. (click on the image to get a better look) You can see that this is not just on the stairs but on level ground. The heels land almost directly in front of each other, as if he is walking with his heels on a narrow balance beam, with his toes sticking off the e

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