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How to Hip Hinge

This is the second-to-last blog for 2017 and I thought I'd revisit the exercise posts from the beginning and throw another one in. At the beginning of this year, I started blog posts with some basic exercises, found easily in any of Katy Bowman's books, but sometimes seeing them in different pictures, reading the directions from another source, can be helpful. The exercise portion was followed by a post outlining the part of the body that would benefit, and that in turn was followed by a post

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Feet and the Pelvic Floor

I just finished another foot workshop. I love doing them because they are literally your foundation and also the foundation of all the work that follows, typically the pelvic floor. So yes, next up is a pelvic floor workshop (my second!). I thought I'd write a post about how feet and the pelvic floor are related, and why you can't really address one without the other. Let's establish some very basic anatomical details: 1. Your hip joint is made up of the ball and socket of the femur and the

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