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Weird and Unusual Cast Facts

There are few things I recall from wearing a cast 17 years ago when I broke a small bone in the Left foot. The thing that remained with me the most was how wearing a walking boot made my hips unlevel and my back hurt! OH the things I get to look forward to! This time, I was unprepared but very interested to learn how wearing a cast for a prolonged time affected me in ways I was not expecting. Following are a few of those things.   Bruised Knee Caps I often scoot around on my bum, fo

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Anatomy of the Inner Thigh Stretch

The Adductors are a group of inner thigh muscles. They are called that because their most obvious job is to adduct (pull in towards the midline) the leg. Like most basic anatomy, that is simplistic. They run from the pelvis down the inside of your thigh to the knee (some above, two at or below) and are associated with, and affect, the pelvis, hip and knee. You might have been doing exercises that ostensibly strengthen this muscle group at the gym on an adductor machine, where you sit, legs st

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Clamshells my ass!

There's an article in the September Issue (Vogue baby!) called "The Bottom Line" that is all about, well, bottoms. Apparently, the "trifecta of hindquarterly perfection" of Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are inspiring women the world over to want a bigger, rounder tushes. Canadian spine bio-mechanist Stuart McGill is consulted and along with clamshells and bridges, he advises to squeeze the glutes at red lights for example: "You have to remember, whenever possible, to squeeze ro

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