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My Relationship with Pain

Remember that saying "No pain, no gain?" that was touted in the heyday of the fitness gym where it was suggested if your workouts didn't result in pain, you weren't trying hard enough and wouldn't benefit as much as you could? There were similar thoughts in the massage and Rolfing worlds, where it was believed deep tissue work that hurt was the only thing that would result in lasting change. Luckily things have taken a turn in both worlds (although there are certainly holdouts amongst both p

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Moving Through Life’s Challenges Part 1 – Injury

Often when a new client comes in the door, they are motivated to seek my advice with issues related to chronic pain or injury, and the narrative often goes something like this:   “My chiropractor said I have (x) and I’ve been seeing my osteopath for (y). My massage therapist says I have the worst trigger points he’s ever seen and my personal trainer wants me to change the exercises that my phsyio therapist selected. I’ve asked my doctor to give me a script for sleeping pills bec

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