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Patella Release

"I was watching an older youtube vid with Katy describing how she works with the knee alignment - the idea of a patella that can be engaged and disengaged proving the knee is not locked out, I understand. But, when it comes to movement, sport, etc..the patella needs to lifted and engaged, yes?" Henry Vandyke Carter - Henry Gray (1918) I received this email from someone recently and thought it would be a good topic for a blog post. The patella is otherwise known as your knee

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Lifestyle Tips to Optimize Inner Thigh/Knee/Pelvic Health

You’ve been doing the V Sit/Legs on the Wall for a few weeks now. How do your knees and hips feel? Awesome right?! So how can you optimize these great effects and continue reaping the benefits of this stretch throughout your day-to-day activities? Here’s a few ideas to help you out. Everything that applies to the calf/knee applies here - because some structures of both the upper and lower leg cross the knee, having a knee straight more often will help. reduce the heels - both the

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Stair Climbing 101

This is a video posting that will hopefully illustrate how most people (and some cats) climb stairs and then a more mechanically optimal way to climb stairs, or any grade really. If you really slow down and have a look at how  you climb stairs, you might find that it goes something like this: https://youtu.be/-6k7NA7n9xk You step, lean onto the forward leg, and with a combination of arm pulling and quadriceps pushing (i.e., front of front leg pushing back), you pull yourself up onto t

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