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Car Seat Makeover

I have just wrapped up my 7th Move Your DNA workshop, having taught over 80 people exercises in the book by author (and my teacher) Katy Bowman. Many of those people came to Alignment REScue from far afield, from New York State, Ottawa and area, Kitchener, Niagara. Unfortunately, that involves a lot of sitting to take a workshop on...moving. Ironic right? Whether you fly or drive to your workshop (or work), you might benefit from some tips on how to make your driving time more movement friend

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The Mysterious Pain

[caption id="attachment_1090" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Oh woe - spinal flexion[/caption] I had a client come this week with low back pain among other things. She dutifully pulled out her latest MRI results for me to study. I had to tell her that: a) I'm not medically trained to interpret lab results (although I find them interesting, always ask for a copy and then google the hell out of it) b) I'm not allowed to "treat" specific ailments as a personal trainer c) MRI results can be

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Psoas Release Part 2

The first post in the psoas series can be read here. I thought a simpler explanation with pictures of the psoas release would be helpful. Not everyone wants to study the physiology and anatomy, but everyone could certainly benefit from having less tension in their psoas (orĀ psoai as there are two of them). The first thing you should do is gather some materials that you can use to bolster yourself. We use a yoga bolster but they can be a bit pricey. Some things that could work: couch cushi

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