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Kid Carrying and the Shoulder

Q: Katy [Bowman] has a video showing how to carry a baby (baby sits on her forearm, not hip) and while I'm amazed at how much more I can carry this last baby after giving up on baby carriers, I could not do it the way she says. She is really tall. My short arms don't fit the baby the same way. I end up using my hand to grip their thigh. I want to know more about carrying babies and toddlers. LINK TO VIDEO First of all, Katy is not really tall. I’m 6’1.5” and she’s about 5’8” or s

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Abdominal Twisting – test your ab strength!

Let's recap! So far this year, following along on this blog, you’ve done: Calf Stretch Soleus Stretch Top of Foot Stretch Legs on the Wall, V-Sit you’ve climbed hills possibly started transitioning to minimal footwear started walking more, on non-level surfaces or a cobble stone mat If you’ve attended any of my workshops you’ve learned all about alignment, done some pretty amazing foot exercises, and pelvic floor exercises. HOW DOES IT FEEL? PRETTY GOOD RIGHT

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