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Can Your Discs Slip? (and other questions about Disc Herniation)

Years ago I was teaching a client on the reformer when I suggested she try the Short Spine for the first time. She looked at me with horror and said “I can’t do that - I have a herniated disc!” Now it was my turn to look at her with horror as my mind raced - had I seen any signs of this since she came in the studio - why didn’t I know this? I assumed it had happened within the week’s time since she’d last visited so I said “My God! When did that happen?” And she replied “Ab

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Psoas Release Part 2

The first post in the psoas series can be read here. I thought a simpler explanation with pictures of the psoas release would be helpful. Not everyone wants to study the physiology and anatomy, but everyone could certainly benefit from having less tension in their psoas (or psoai as there are two of them). The first thing you should do is gather some materials that you can use to bolster yourself. We use a yoga bolster but they can be a bit pricey. Some things that could work: couch cushi

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