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Are You Prone to Ankle Sprains?

The ankle joint is comprised of three bones: the two bones of the lower leg, tibia and fibula and the top bone of the foot, the talus. Talus is an interesting bone because of all the bones in the body, it is the only one without any muscle attachments. Therefore, its role is a weight bearing one. I like to think of it as something that receives the weight of the body above and distributes it down and back through the heel bone, and forward through the forefoot. The talus is an architectural k

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Lifestyle Tips to Support Foot Health

Functional feet are my fondest favourites! For fancy footwork and for fleet feet, follow these four fun facts: Move your toes Walk over non-level ground Go barefoot or transition to a more minimal shoe Go forth. As in walk. A lot. Let’s break that down shall we? Move Your toes: Toes spend a lot of time in socks. Socks spend a lot of time in shoes. Ergo, feet spend a lot of time in shoes, and both socks and shoes conspire to keep your toes from moving as much as they want to

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