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Lifestyle Tips for Twisting

My partner and I share a car. We park in a garage off a narrow lane and that requires backing up the lane and then turning the car, while backing up, and pulling a 90 degree turn into the garage without hitting a neighbour’s car, another neighbour’s fence or tree, the stuff in our garage or our garage itself. Every time I park successfully I give a little sigh of relief. But what I’ve noticed is that I’m better at backing up than my partner is. (I also think I’m better at driving forwa

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Abdominal Twisting – test your ab strength!

Let's recap! So far this year, following along on this blog, you’ve done: Calf Stretch Soleus Stretch Top of Foot Stretch Legs on the Wall, V-Sit you’ve climbed hills possibly started transitioning to minimal footwear started walking more, on non-level surfaces or a cobble stone mat If you’ve attended any of my workshops you’ve learned all about alignment, done some pretty amazing foot exercises, and pelvic floor exercises. HOW DOES IT FEEL? PRETTY GOOD RIGHT

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