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The Alignment REScue helps the Little RES Q!

People think of casts as a plaster casing that holds a bone and its associated joints in position, usually for the purpose of allowing a bone to heal if it’s been broken. The idea is that if the bone is restricted in movement, the bones will have a chance to repair. So we have the idea that a cast is a good thing. But it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just a thing. A cast can be anything that restricts full movement or range of motion of a joint or muscle. For example, the orthotic that you put in your shoe is a cast. The sidewalk is a cast. The chair you sit in all day is a cast, as is your car seat. Even the distance of the screen to your face is a cast for the muscles of your eyes! All of these things prevent us from moving our bodies fully. And we might not be aware, but all these things cause our bodies to develop and shape themselves, just as the plaster cast does. Our environment can shape us, literally.

If you’ve ever worn a plaster cast, you know that on its removal, your muscles are in a weakened state from being restricted. The cast has prevented usage of the muscles (and bones) and they atrophy. This happens to your feet, your hips, your spine and your eyes in the examples above. We are just not as aware of it at first, because this is our environment, our culture, our world. But eventually we suffer the weakened state of these environmental casts: weak feet, knees, hips, spines, eyes, and the diseases associated with them (neuropathy, fasciosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, disk degeneration, myopia, etc.).

In a very extreme example of this, I came across a turtle named Audrey who lived for over 20 years in a bucket. As Audrey grew, the walls of the bucket defined her environment – and casted her growth. This is the result:_WAC7209
WAC7217Luckily Audrey was able to live out her remaining years in a rescue organization that gave her the best medical care, food and lodging any turtle could hope for. Audrey became an educational “spokesturtle” for animal cruelty against reptiles, traveling to Reptile Expos. She passed away a year ago. To visit the rescue’s site and donate if you desire, please visit them at this link: Little RES Q

I’ve always loved turtles. They are like my spirit animal! Add to that the fact that our business names are so close – Alignment REScue and Little RES Q – I just decided I would do something to help. Let’s let the late Audrey be our inspiration to move, to experience life outside of the tank! (This is a reference to the book “Move Your DNA” where Katy Bowman talks about how the tank environment affects the development of captive orca whales.)

In what I hope to be the first of many workshops, this Feb. 28 (a Sunday) from 11:00-1:00 I am holding a “Selfie Massage Day” where you can come and roll your aches and pains away on the Yoga Tune UpĀ® balls using the method that I learned recently. The space is limited, and I have a few spaces left, but I hope to make this a regular occurrence. Maybe if there are enough interested, I can find a larger space for future workshops!

This will be by donation only (suggested $20.00 but PWYC!) and 100% of proceeds will go to the rescue organization Little RES Q in Audrey’s memory.


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