Move Your DNA – Toronto October 26/27 2019


My next Move Your DNA two-day workshop will take place Oct 26/27 2019
Register at Nutritious Movement at this link:

Price: $289 USD/Early bird price is $259 – save $30 – before August 25/19

Location: The Beach Toronto (We have a room with a kitchen but it’s right on the beach at the foot of Kew Gardens!)


MYDNA workshops are for anyone who wants a more in-depth look at the potential to increase movement into their bodies and their lives and feel better! This is not just an “exercise” class – you will learn how to incorporate movement “nutrients” into your day-to-day, corrective exercises that will help move more of you when you do move, and lifestyle tips to improve your movement profile, all with a small group of likeminded and interesting people who might just become your next walking buddies!

Movement for all bodies, all the time!


Sometimes I get emails from people worried they won’t be able to keep up, or they have issues that they think preclude them from an informative and fun weekend like this. My goal is to give you the tools you need to improve your movement capabilities, and to leave the workshop feeling great!


You will gain a deeper understanding of the exercises in the book “Move Your DNA” by Katy Bowman. The only prerequisite for this workshop is to read the book. This is truly for everyone – from skilled movers and curious movement teachers, to grandparents who would like to play with their grandkids more comfortably on the ground.


What does the weekend look like?

We meet in the morning over coffee and/or tea, get to know each other and then start moving! We go through the exercises in the book, and I’ll show you modifications and make sure you are comfortable at your current level. The workshops are kept small enough that everyone gets personal attention. We break as needed for snacks and lunch but essentially you’ll be moving all day. But don’t worry, that is not the same as exercising all day! You know when you are on holiday and you feel so good because you break your routine and move more? This is like a little window into how that could be your world all the time. At the end of the first day we take stock and give feedback as we rest in Psoas Release (because not only do modern people not move enough, they don’t rest enough either).


The next morning we re-convene and continue going through the exercises from the book. We’ll break for outdoor movement opportunities in local parks and trails and do some outdoor squatting and hanging too. There has been known to be some tree climbing at times. (Don’t worry, it’s all scaled to your ability – no pressure to perform!)


I’ve been a Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist since 2013, and an official Nutritious Movement™ MYDNA Instructor since 2016 (30 worldwide). If you aren’t local to Toronto, check the Nutritious Movement website for a workshop near you. That said, Toronto is a great place to visit, so consider making a trip incorporating this unique movement retreat!


Feel free to contact me at any time if you have other questions.







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