Best Breath for Breast Health

Following the well attended neck workshop in October, it makes sense to talk about breathing. Breathing is a category of movement, meaning there are many types of breathing for many requirements. You recruit different ways to breathe for different reasons and none of them are inherently wrong. However, breathing in a habitual way that doesn’t serve the requirements of the tissues may have consequences. Some of those tissues include rib, chest, armpit (lymph) and breast tissues.

In this workshop we will identify your breathing strategies, and what breathing nutrients you could be missing, to the possible detriment of your other tissues. We’ll talk about breast health in ways you may not have considered. We will explore exercises designed to get parts of you that aren’t being utilized to their potential to improve. We will also discuss the loads required for breast health, and choices you can make to provide them.

This is not specifically a breast cancer workshop – I have no training in post cancer rehab, but I do have some awareness of the mechanical aspect that some cancers have and this workshop will shed a light on this element of breast health. In that sense, it is appropriate for any woman, whether she is interested in breathing, breast health or disease prevention.

This workshop is for women only due to considerations of comfort in language and the intimate nature of the subject. Thank you.




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