Cervical Spine and Neck



In this two hour workshop we will visit the fascinating anatomy of the neck (don’t worry, it’s easy!), including the unusual vertebrae of the neck and how your head moves on them, the musculature and function of the neck. The neck should hold your head up, but often the head is hanging from this vulnerable part of the spine in a way that contributes to issues of swallowing, headaches, shoulder pain, upper back pain and other issues.

This part of the spine should be fairly robust in the musculature to help protect its contents and move the head around safely, but many of us are walking around with very weak and atrophied neck musculature, and are creating excessive loads to some areas, while other areas are devoid of any loads or forces (work) at all!

We’ll be looking at the relationship of the neck to the skull, shoulders, shoulder blades, ribs and thoracic spine. Using a variety of exercises and techniques to help you free your neck and test the ability of certain muscles to function.

This workshop is not meant to be a medical or therapeutic workshop – my training is as a movement teacher, so if you have any current issues with this part of the body, you are welcome to attend for education purposes and can sit out any exercises you don’t feel would be helpful. It might be wise to get permission from your medical practitioner.

October 14, 2017 at 11:00-1:00

Cost $40.00






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