Healthy Feet – a workshop for 10 toes, 26 bones, 33 joints

Join me on April 8, 2018 for a two-hour studio session all on feet! You’ll learn how to treat your own feet to an amazing massage that you can do any time, no appointment needed. We’ll be working through many of the joints of the feet, mobilizing them, and learning what the intrinsic muscles of the feet should be able to do. Many of those muscles are not readily available because of our habits of wearing shoes and walking on flat and level surfaces like the sidewalk, habits that don’t utilize all the amazing movement our feet are capable of.

We’ll stretch some muscles through corrective exercises, strengthen others through exercises like you’ve never seen at the gym. After two hours of foot love, we’ll take our new feet out to a park across the road to practice off-sidewalk walking on several surfaces and hill climbing. Come prepared if the weather is inclement and wear your regular walking shoes. Plan on spending about half an hour at the park, outside of the studio time.

DATE: Sunday April 8 from 11:00am – 1:30pm (last half hour at the park across the road)
COST: $45.00 all in until March 25, after which the price is $50.00

Price includes some fun props you get to take home to keep your feet their finest.
This workshop is held at the beach studio Alignment REScue and registration will be capped at 8 participants. The studio is in the Upper Beach area near Woodbine and Gerrard with free on-street parking (but you’re going to walk here right?).





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