Twists Throughout the Body

June Workshop

We create rotational forces throughout our bodies, and these forces have repercussions. Join me on June 17 to learn about the various twists (both wanted and unwanted, functional and dysfunctional) in the body.

We’ll spend the bulk of the workshop discussing the core and its ability to yield, as measured by the ability of the abdominal group to twist; the difference between twisting and rolling (which you might have been doing instead of twisting more than you realize). Twisting often feels good, but having a full range of motion is important for various health reasons such as abdominal muscle strength and blood pressure regulation and more.

Working the core muscles excessively in the sagittal plane (crunches, sit ups, roll ups, roll overs, etc.) and isometrically (planks, push ups) lead to muscles that only have strength in that plane and eventually may lead to weaker muscles that don’t force generate due to a chronically shortened state. These practices also contribute to increased loads to the lumbar discs, forces that contribute to abnormal separation of the rectus abdominus (known as diastasis recti and is likely to occur in men as much as women and pregnant women) and other intra-abdominal pressure issues such as hernias and digestive issues (constipation and incontinence both).

This workshop is a logical follow up to the May Pelvis Health workshop, but you may take this workshop as a stand-alone workshop.

Limited to 6 participants. Contact to register. UPDATE: This workshop is now full.

When: June 17, 2017

Time: 11:00-1:00

Price: $40.00 CAD


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