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Shoe Review: Zuuks!

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I received a new pair of shoes today in the mail. Full disclosure: I received these shoes free, but in no way did the company suggest I had to review them, or even talk about them. They gave out about 20 pairs. All I did was enter a contest and at the end, they bestowed a free pair on everyone who entered! As such, I was already pretty stoked to like these shoes, I really hoped that they’d turn out to be everything I thought they were.

Well, I am not disappointed. These shoes are GREAT. I wore them on a walk this afternoon (moments after unpacking them). The shoes are from a company called Hi-Tech and are known as Zuuks. They are marketed as an “apre-shoe” – in other words, something you put on when you get to camp after wearing your hiking boots all day, or after you take your stinky running shoes off. I have only worn mine for a few hours, so I can’t say how they will hold up to several months of pavement wear, but they were incredibly comfortable to wear in the city and I intend to walk (not run) about 40 km a week in them, so I’ll report back if they hold up, although I have been fairly warned by the company that this is not the intended purpose so I won’t hold it against them if they don’t hold up!

First of all, I received an email informing me that I had won a pair, and as I am a paranoid disbeliever of any and all good fortune, I thought to myself “I’ll believe it when I see it!” but they came after only 5 days and after a personal email conversation to help me pick the right size and colour. I ordered my regular size 11 and they fit perfectly. Excellent customer service so far.

Getting in and out of the shoe is super easy, no laces (I love my Altra shoes – I hate my Altra laces which come undone all the time unless I remember to double-knot them). They are very light (the website says 166g per shoe – which is slightly less than 6 ounces). The EVA outsole is white (the upper comes in about 10 colours), has anti-slip properties (perfect for all the sailors out there), and is very flexible. There is a very slight toe spring but the sole is so flexible that once the foot is in the shoe, they flatten out.

There is virtually no inflare and the shoe is wide enough for my bunion-addled feet. When walking I don’t feel any slipping and the shoe does not seem to create any forces that cause me to pronate. Nowhere on the site does it claim these shoes are zero drop but I’m pretty sure they are flat.

The only problem I find with this shoe is buying them on the website doesn’t seem to be so easy. I’ve hit the “Buy Now” button to see where it will take me and it takes me to a “Find a Shop” page which leads to Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Sears stores locally, among others. I think these shoes are priced at around $65 Canadian.

They have earned my endorsement, and I will give them a good walk tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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